Thursday, April 19, 2012

Como Park Bluebird Trail Update: April 19th, 2012

Post contributed by Sharon--Volunteer Como Park Bluebird Trail monitor:
Here's the latest news and photos:
Bluebird nest with one possible dwarf egg

Chickadee nest
 April 19, 2012:  A cold morning on the trail.  Three boxes have bluebird nests.  One has no eggs yet, another still has five blue eggs, but I've seen no signs of parents and the eggs seemed cold to the touch, so this nest may have failed.  I will leave it for another week or so to make sure it has failed before I empty it.  Another interesting thing about this nest is that one of the eggs is quite a bit smaller than the others (see photo), though I am not sure if it is small enough to be a dwarf egg, which would be unfertile and very rare.  The third bluebird nest has five blue eggs, and the mother bluebird flew out as I approached. Four boxes have chickadee nests.  One has 8 speckled eggs in it, two are so covered with fur that I do not know how many eggs have been laid, and one is half-built, with a good amount of moss but no fur yet.  Two more boxes are empty, and one has a small amount of grass and thicker plant material.

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