Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Como Park Bluebird Trail Update, July 11th

Post contributed by Sharon, volunteer Como Park Bluebird Trail monitor:

Five bluebirds fledged in the past week, bringing the bluebird total to 23 for the year.

The extreme heat has taken its toll on the trail.  It is possibly the cause of the failure of the tree swallow nest—the four nestlings were dead, and had been for a while, when I opened the box today.  It is also possible that something happened to the parent birds.  Another nest that had one small bluebird in it last week, today was completely empty.

There are six bluebird youngsters in two other boxes, and one bluebird near fledging age in another, which I did not open today.  A sixth box contains four bluebird eggs.

Things are winding down on the trail—there are now a total of six empty boxes.