Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Como Park Bluebird Trail, Final Update of the Year!

Post contributed by Sharon, volunteer Bluebird Trail monitor:

The bluebird nesting season is over and all the boxes have been removed for cleaning, repair, and winter storage.  On the trail this year, 31 bluebirds, 16 chickadees, and 2 cowbirds fledged from 10 boxes, for a combined total of 49 birds fledged.

The ratio of bluebirds fledged to bluebird eggs laid was 62% (31 fledged/50 eggs).  The extended, extremely hot weather was probably a factor in lowering the survival rate for the bluebirds, chickadees, and tree swallows that attempted nests on the trail this year.  Six fewer bluebirds fledged than in 2011, when the trail had a total of 11 boxes.