Saturday, October 27, 2012

Conservation Corps Update: October 24th-27th

Post contributed by Minnesota Conservation Corps Youth Outdoors Crew 2:

This past week, most of our efforts were spent on Lake Como doing shoreline restoration.  We placed the wattles and live stakes around the lakeshore to help with erosion control.  We created our own wattles and live stakes from nearby dogwood and nine-bark that needed to be pruned.  While the bio-logs that have already been placed around the lakeshore have been extremely helpful in erosion control we are hoping that this method will last even longer since many of the wattles and live stakes will grow into shrubs, whose roots will help to build a solid foundation.  We also continued removing invasive woody plants around the lakeshore.  

Smoothing out the new trails in
Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom

Installing wattles for erosion control
 at Como Lakeshore

Another task we had this week was to return to the Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom to begin smoothing out the new trails and seed some areas with native grasses.  It is looking really neat and if you haven't been over to check it out you should go!