Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring time is here...or is it?

Post contributed by Meg from Conservation Corps of Minnesota's Youth Outdoors crew:

This week our crews continued to do green ash and Siberian elm removal at Round Lake.  The geese and ducks have been visiting us on the lake, and you can feel spring coming.  Or is spring coming?  This week has been oddly cold and snowy, and it has been documented as the snowiest April for the Twin Cities in 11 years!

In addition to working at Round Lake, one of our crews did tree removal and Phalen Golf Course, and the other crew girdled green ash trees at Crosby Farm.  In some cases, we prefer to girdle trees rather than cut and remove them. We are very careful about selecting trees that are undesirable species, and ones that will not create any hazards to park users once they die. Leaving these dead trees standing provides great habitat for many wildlife species such as wood ducks. Crosby Farm is the largest natural park in the Saint Paul system of parks!  Read more about the park here: