Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Como Park Bluebird Trail Update: May 14th

Post contributed by Sharon, volunteer Bluebird Trail monitor:

A lovely spring day on the trail. The sun was shining, orioles were singing, and little warblers searched for insects in the park. Wildflowers are in bloom in the woodland. Many school children were also out enjoying the park.
Bluebird nest from side
Bluebird nest with egg

Corydalis and Pennsylvania sedge

There are six bluebird nests in all stages of development—one even had one blue egg inside. Three other boxes contain a completed chickadee nest, a little bit of moss, and a small amount of nesting material (not enough to identify the type of bird yet). I removed a well-built house sparrow nest from another box, and left some material in the last box, which may or may not be the beginning of another house sparrow nest.