Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bluebirds Hatching!

Post contributed by Sharon, volunteer Bluebird Trail monitor:

Bluebirds, three days old or less
The first young birds have hatched on the trail. Six boxes contain six young bluebirds and 18 bluebird eggs. Both nests with recently-hatched bluebirds also contain an unhatched egg—one is likely unviable, one may simply not have hatched yet—it is too soon to tell.

The chickadee/cowbird nest box contains one large fast-developing cowbird and at least one tiny chickadee that I could see. A parent chickadee scolded from a nearby tree.

Tree swallows now occupy three boxes and have laid a total of 11 white eggs in their beautiful feather-lined nests.

Only one box still remains empty, though several bluebirds were in the area.