Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Como Park Bluebird Trail Update: May 27th, 2015

Post contributed by Sharon, volunteer bluebird trail monitor:


A warm and humid day on trail today. The red and yellow wild columbine and pink wild geraniums are in bloom in the woodland. The first five bluebirds fledged, hopefully before something happened to their box. I found it rigged up to the post in a new makeshift way and wet inside. So, thank you to whomever put it back up. I cleaned the old wet nest out and attached it more securely, so it is ready for nesting round number two, should they decide to use it again. At least ten more bluebirds from two boxes will fledge soon, and five new bluebird eggs were laid in another nest.

Tree swallows occupy three boxes and have begun to lay eggs. There are six white eggs in one box, and one in another.

The chickadees hatched and were sleeping in a pile in their fur-lined nest. I could count six little bodies, and the seventh could well be in there, too.

A pair of house sparrows has been very busy building one nest, then another, switching boxes each time, only to be disappointed when I remove their nest every few days. One more box is still empty.
Tree swallow eggs