Friday, June 15, 2012

Conservation Corps Update: June 12-15th

 Post contributed by Conservation Corps of Minnesota, Youth Outdoors Crew 2:

4-H volunteers adding cut burdock to the dumpster.
Thanks for your help, that was a LOT of burdock to remove!
During the past week, Youth Outdoors crew 2 (YO2) has focused on burdock and other flowering invasive species. Tuesday, they worked in Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom (CWOC) removing garlic mustard with a group of youth from Cumen Christi for a couple hours in the morning. They then spent the rest of the day cutting bolting burdock in hopes to kill the plant.

Wednesday, the crew continued to work burdock, but had reinforcements. A group of about 100 youth from 4-H Clubs around the state volunteered in CWOC and were able to load a one ton dumpster with burdock that had been cut. The volunteers were a tremendous help in the burdock clean up.

Volunteers from Macalaster working at Hidden Falls.
Hidden Falls was the destination for YO2 on Thursday where they targeted invasives such as burdock and garlic mustard with a group of volunteers until inclement weather concluded the event early. The volunteers from Macalester did a great job in the little time they worked, pulling out several bags of garlic mustard and loading a truck bed with burdock. For the rest of the day between lightning strikes the crew worked along Como Lakeshore pulling undesirable species such as black mustard, sweet clover, and campion.

Friday, the crew returned to the Victoria Rain Garden to cut out and treat an area with dense invasive specie cover. Once the area was looking presentable, the crew walked the lakeshore and targeted reed canary grass. In the afternoon, Desnoyer was the next site to sweep for invasive species and YO2 targeted both reed canary grass and purple loosestrife. Though Desnoyer had several invasive species, it was very nice to see several varieties of sedges and young oaks—a promising sign.  The final project for the week was invasive work at the Lexington-Nebraska rain garden. Several volunteer trees were taken out along with dense areas of quack grass. The crew will return in the next couple weeks to continue to clean up the garden.