Friday, July 5, 2013

Como Park Bluebird Trail Update July 5th

Post contributed by Sharon, volunteer Bluebird Trail monitor:

The park was in good condition after the July 4th holiday this morning.
      Five tree swallows fledged last week and I cleaned out their messy hanging box.
There are two nearly-two-week-old tree swallows in another box—both parents swooped at me as soon as they discovered me checking the box.

Three newly hatched bluebirds

      Four boxes are now occupied by bluebirds—one has four nearly-two-week-old youngsters; another has three newly-hatched bluebirds and one egg; another, one less-than-one-week-old bluebird and one most likely unviable egg; and the last, a newly built bluebird nest that marks the beginning of the second round of nesting this season.
      The wrens are still tending their nest of young, who should fledge soon.
      I did not open the box with the eight chickadees this week.  They should also fledge soon.
      Two boxes are now empty, and I removed a house sparrow nest from another.

One of four two week old bluebirds