Thursday, July 11, 2013

Como Park Bluebird Trail Update: July 11th

Post contributed by Sharon, volunteer Blue Bird Trail monitor:

Three bluebirds, just over a week old,
and an unviable egg.

Eight chickadees fledged in the past week and their box now joins three others empty on the trail.  A fifth box is empty after I removed a house sparrow nest from it.
      Four bluebirds and two tree swallows will fledge sometime in the next week.
      One box has three just-over-a-week-old bluebirds inside (and one unviable egg), another has one nearly-two-week-old bluebird.  There are five bluebird eggs in the box by the downed ash tree.
      Wrens are still occupying the last hanging box.  It is possible they’ve begun a new brood, since they nest once or twice a season.  Anyway, they are not done with the box yet.
      So far this year the trail has fledged a total of 14 bluebirds, 12 chickadees, and 5 tree swallows.